Telemedicine offered by SSQ Insurance

SSQ Insurance wishes to actively support the health and wellness of its insured customers. That's why it offers Dialogue, an exclusive virtual medical consultation platform that reinvents the way we look at health services.

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Telemedicine, privileged access to healthcare professionals

Your employer chose to add Dialogue to your group insurance? This means that you now have remote access to healthcare services through telemedicine.

You have rapid access to:

  • medical consultation by chat or videoconference
  • prescription drugs or renewals
  • medical follow-up
  • referrals to specialists

Available 7 days a week… all from the comfort of your home.

Advantages of Dialogue

Dialogue is a simple and sensible solution for the vast majority of non-urgent cases.
Its numerous advantages include:


Quick access to a healthcare professional


Services offered 7 days a week


Same-day medical consultation


From the comfort of your home or elsewhere at your convenience


Medical follow-up and prescription


Referral to other medical specialists


For you and your immediate family

How does it work?

  1. You must register when you first use the SSQ Customer Centre to be able to create your Dialogue account.
  2. Using your smartphone or computer, simply create a user account. You can start chatting immediately with the medical team from wherever you happen to be at the moment.
  3. A nurse will ask you about your health and then, if your case requires further investigation, will put you in touch with a Dialogue doctor.
  4. Depending on when your initial request is made, your videoconference medical consultation will take place the same day or the next. The physician will ask you questions, analyze your symptoms and take note of any observable signs of your health issue.
  5. As soon as a diagnosis is made, the doctor will draw up a treatment plan for you. This plan may be accompanied by a prescription sent to your phone or delivered directly to your office or home address within 24 business hours.
  6. If your case cannot be resolved online, your Dialogue doctor may refer you to a specialist near you.
  7. Whatever the problem, Dialogue will follow up until you get back on your feet.

Do you have access to Dialogue?

If your employer has added Dialogue to your group insurance plan, you will receive:

  • An email when your group insurance plan adds Dialogue to its health service offer.


  • An email when you join a group covered under a group insurance plan that has access to Dialogue.

You can also login to your Customer Centre account:

  • Once you’ve logged in, under “Group Insurance”, select the shortcut "Check covered medical expenses".
  • A table will appear. If you have access to Dialogue, “Telemedicine” will be listed under the "Other Services" section.

Dialogue Health mobile app

Telemedicine offered by SSQ Insurance

  1. Access the Dialogue web app on your computer using Google Chrome, Safari or Firefox at https://app.dialogue.co/ or download and install the app
  2. Create your account using the same email address used to receive your invitation to sign up
  3. Log on to the app