About SSQ Insurance

In July 2020, SSQ Insurance and La Capitale combined operations to become Beneva, a company with:

  • More than 3.5 million customers
  • 5,000 employees
  • $25 billion in assets

We are

positive, supportive, modern


Awards and distinctions

SSQ Insurance is proud of each award it receives; each one underscores the efforts the Group makes in its pursuit of excellence.

Awards and distinctions


Social Responsibility

SSQ Insurance wants to be socially responsible and committed to helping the community. 

This is clearly reflected in our corporate culture and business practices, which have led us to find ways to reconcile economic and financial issues with social and environmental ones.  We have followed this path from the very beginning, as we strongly believe that all companies must serve people.

Social Responsibility Report


Donations and sponsorships

SSQ Insurance provides financial support to social and charitable organizations as well as events and projects that are an extension of its values.

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We are SSQ Insurance

Mission and Values

Our mission is to serve the interests of our members and clients by offering high-quality products and services to help them plan and protect their financial security throughout their lives, while drawing inspiration from the mutualist values that place people and social development at the very heart of what we do.


The principles of co-operation and mutualism have been with us since the company was founded and constantly guide our management practices. The values of equality, equity, solidarity and democracy are at the heart of our convictions and guarantee our stability. As they elect the majority of the board directors, members of our mutual have a true say in the directions the company will take and its development.


Concerned with offering exemplary service to our clients, we take the necessary steps to remain an accessible company. We make it easy to access our services by developing high-performance, user-friendly tools and by providing efficient and courteous customer service. We strive to be transparent in all our communications by ensuring that the information we provide is clear, pertinent and complete.


Our broad range of knowledge and skills enables us to offer quality products and services adapted to meet the needs of our clients. Attention to detail and responsible actions make us a highly sought-after partner. Our qualified, committed and motivated employees accomplish their work with precision and efficiency. They are encouraged to continue to upgrade their career skills to achieve their full potential.

Social Commitment

Social commitment means taking an active role in the development and well-being of the community. It also means supporting humanitarian and community organizations by funding a variety of projects and supporting our employees in their volunteer initiatives. For our employees, commitment is manifested by everyone's determination to invest and excel in order to reach the objectives and provide clients the best possible service.


We act responsibly and transparently in everything we do. The principles of honesty and integrity are reflected in our daily actions. We apply the most rigorous standards of conduct and confidentiality, which is how we continue to build lasting relationships that are based on trust with our employees, clients, members, partners and neighbouring communities.


Mutual respect is a fundamental principle upheld at SSQ, both within the company and with clients and partners. We are interested in new ideas and different points of view, which we demonstrate by recognizing the importance of the contributions of all to SSQ's overall success. In terms of our business practices, respect also means protecting the privacy of our clients by ensuring the confidentiality of their personal information.

Management Team


Jean-François Chalifoux

Chief Executive Officer


Patrick Cyr

Senior Vice-President

  • Financial information, accounting, monitoring, taxation and capital management
  • Investments and financing
  • Corporate actuarial and reinsurance
  • Realty, material resources and office layout management


France LeBlanc

Risk Management Lead

  • Risk management governance
  • Internal risk and solvency assessment
  • Operational risk management
  • Business continuity
  • Information security


Denis Légaré

Senior Vice-President
Human Resources and Corporate Affairs

  • Talent acquisition, management and development
  • Communications
  • Culture and mobilization
  • Compensation, labour relations and administration
  • Legal and compliance services


Michel Loranger

Senior Vice-President
Organizational Performance and Technology

  • Business architecture
  • IT systems development
  • IT operations and security
  • IT, telephone and office infrastructures
  • Organizational performance


Gilles Mourette

Senior Vice-President
Customer Experience and Operational Management

  • Underwriting
  • Customer service:
    - Group insurance
    - Individual insurance
    - Investment
  • Benefits and claims
  • Billing and administration


François Joseph Poirier

Senior Vice-President
Sales and Distribution

  • Sales and distribution by networks: consulting actuaries, brokers, affiliated agents, dealerships, representatives and affinity groups
  • Direct sales
  • Customer service:
    - General insurance
    - Travel insurance
    - SSQ Privilege individual insurance
  • Business development
  • Sales support


Éric Trudel

Senior Vice-President
Strategy and Product Management

  • Strategies and innovation
  • Branding, marketing and e‑business
  • Product development
  • Pricing
  • Selection, underwriting and indemnity standards
  • Translation
Financial Information

Annual Report

Read Beneva’s 2022 Annual report, a company born of La Capitale and SSQ Insurance.

2022 Annual Report

download the 2022 annual report

Consult the press release

Previous annual reports: 2021, 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017

Credit Ratings

Credit agencies measure the financial strength of insurance companies and their ability to honour their commitments towards their insureds and creditors.

A.M. Best is one of the most prestigious information and credit rating agencies in the insurance market.

Credit Ratings Assigned to SSQ, Life Insurance Company Inc.

  Cotes Perspective
Financial strength A (excellent) Stable
Issuer's credit a Stable

Updated on September 23, 2022

​Mutualist Democracy

SSQ Insurance is different from most financial institutions because it is a company with mutualist values whose shares are held by its members.

All holders of policies or contracts with SSQ, Life Insurance Company Inc. (group insurance, individual insurance and investment products) become co-owners or "participant members" of SSQ.

This shared ownership is expressed democratically through SSQ Mutual, in keeping with the values of solidarity, equity, responsibility and equality.

Representation by Delegates

As our clients are also co-owners, they may fully participate in the democratic life of the company by designating delegates.

At the annual meeting, the designated delegates have the opportunity to elect directors to the board of SSQ Mutual, thereby having a real influence on the orientations and development of the financial group.

This form of representation ensures an active participation by members in the affairs of the company, from bottom to top, demonstrating the strength of the mutualist values that have always inspired our managers.

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Board of Directors

Chair of the Board’s Message and 2022 Financial Statements

Chair of the Board’s Message and 2021 Financial Statements

Annual meeting


A Collective Success Story

A company with working-class roots: highly diverse social groups converge to form a cooperative capable of holding its own in a highly competitive industry, resulting in a success story and beacon of hope for all those who subscribe to cooperative ideals.

Read our story online

SSQ Insurance published A Collective Success Story, 1944-2014. It tells the story of the company, from its foundation in 1944 to its 70th anniversary in 2014.

Download (PDF, 20 Mo)