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SSQ Insurance offers different coverages and health services that sometimes vary from one group or individual to another.

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Our Group Insurance

Traditional coverage to prepare for the unexpected

By consulting your Customer Centre, you will receive full details on your group insurance coverage, eligible expenses, reimbursement percentages and the maximum number of treatments per year. You will also be able to obtain a statement for tax purposes.

Health Insurance

The expenses covered under your group insurance contract are determined according to the needs expressed by your group. Go the your Customer Centre for details on your health insurance coverage, such as expenses covered, reimbursement percentage, maximum number of treatments per year and a statement for tax purposes.

Request for approval

You wish to have medical expenses approved before receiving care? Send us by fax or by mail the estimate given to you by your health professional.

Prescription Drug Insurance

The prescription drugs covered and provisions for reimbursement may vary depending on your group insurance contract. By visiting your Customer Centre, you can find out more about your prescription drug insurance coverage. You may also obtain a tax receipt and several other advantages.

Prior authorization drugs

Has your physician prescribed a prior authorization drug? Before sending your claim, fill out the Prescription drugs - Special Authorization Request Form with the help of your physician.

For more details regarding prior authorization drugs request process, consult Prior authorization prescription drug FAQ.

Biological drugs

To ensure the sound management of our group benefit programs, SSQ Insurance is embarking on an initiative to promote the use of biosimilar drugs (also known as subsequent entry biologics or SEBs).

Learn more on our approach to biological drugs

Disability Insurance

Short and long term disability insurance coverage is determined based on the needs of your group. To learn more about your coverage, log on to your Customer Centre.


To make a claim, ask the person responsible for your group insurance to give you the appropriate form that must be completed by: 

  • you
  • your physician
  • the person responsible for your group insurance
Life Insurance

SSQ's group life insurance provides financial security to you and your loved ones in the event of death. When you visit your Customer Centre, you can view the options included in your group life insurance contract.

If some options are not included in your group insurance, you may add them to your contract. Contact the person responsible for your group insurance to make the request.

Dental Care Insurance

Dental care insurance offers the coverage chosen by your group from the following three categories: basic dental care, major restorative services and orthodontic care. When you visit your Customer Centre, you can view the options included in your group insurance contract.

Treatment plan

Would you like us to approve your treatment plan before incurring expenses? In many cases, your dentist can send us the treatment plan electronically.

Otherwise, simply send it to us by fax or by mail at one of the addresses provided on the form.

Health Spending Account

The Health Spending Account enables you to reimburse medical and dental expenses not covered by your group insurance plan or the public health insurance plan using an amount put at your disposal by your employer or association.

The amount put at your disposal in your Health Spending Account is determined based on your group insurance contract.

On your Customer Centre, you may consult a variety of information related to your Health Spending Account, such as the statement of your benefits and the balance available in your Health Spending Account.

Learn More

Make the most of your Health Spending Account! (PDF, 83 kB)

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance protects you in the event of an emergency while you are travelling outside your province of residence. This coverage includes travel assistance services. We also offer trip cancellation insurance.

By consulting your plan summary on your Customer Centre, you can find out more about our travel insurance: expenses covered, exclusions and the maximum duration of your coverage.

You can also print an SSQ Insurance card or obtain a proof of travel insurance for you and your dependents, if they are also insured.

Before you Leave

If you have any doubts about your health or the safety of your destination, take a moment to confirm your eligibility with CanAssistance, SSQ's travel assistance firm.

Stay up to date on the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation and all travel advisories. For information on travel insurance coverage, please refer to our information page.


Whenever possible, contact CanAssistance before obtaining treatment or medical care outside your province of residence. You will be directed to the physician, clinic or hospital that is able to provide the emergency care you need. Your claim will be that much simpler.

The numbers to dial can also be found at the back of your SSQ Insurance card.

If you have not contacted CanAssistance during your trip, you must do so as soon as you get home to begin the claim process.

Make sure to keep the original detailed invoice, medical reports and proof of payment at all times.

Need travel assistance?

Please refer to the number indicated on your SSQ Insurance card.

Specialized coverage for your health, well-being and retirement

Accidental Death and Dismemberment

As a complement to life insurance, accidental death and dismemberment insurance provides for the payment of an additional amount if you or one of your dependents further to an accident suffers from:

  • paralysis
  • loss of use of a limb, speech, sight or hearing
  • death

If this option is not included under your group insurance, you may add it to your contract. Ask the person responsible for your group insurance for more information.


We invite you to contact the person responsible for your group insurance, for the appropriate form.

Critical Illness Insurance

Critical illness insurance covers up to 40 critical illnesses and offers you, if such a diagnosis hits your family, a tax-free amount allowing you to continue your journey towards recovery in peace. To know more about your options, visit your Customer Centre.


You wish to make a claim? Contact the person responsible for your group insurance plan for the appropriate form.

Retirement or End of Employment

If you are soon retired or if you soon leave a group insurance plan, SSQ Insurance offers you SSQ Privilege Individual Insurance products to meet your needs.


Covered under a group insurance plan for public sector retirees?

Get comprehensive information about the benefits for retirees!

Learn more

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) proposes a number of services to you if you find yourself facing personal, family-related or health problems of a physical or psychological nature.

Learn more

Visit your secure Customer Centre website to learn more about the Employee Assistance Program.

Health and Wellness

Health and wellness  are important topics at SSQ Insurance―they were at the origin of the company's foundation.

Designed specifically to improve the health of our insureds, our Health InSight Program aims to develop and implement a health culture in organizations through concrete solutions that are adapted to each work environment.

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