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Preauthorized Debit – Registration or modification

Would you like to sign up for direct deposit or make changes to your preauthorized debits?

Simply fill out the secure designated form.

Important ! Only the insured designated in the insurance contract AND payer of the insurance premium may fill out a preauthorized debit registration/modification form. If you are not this person, please contact us at 1-866-777-2886.

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  • The new date will apply to all your pre-authorized debits.
  • Depending on the new date selected, the amount of your debit may be modified. Consult your invoice in the Customer Centre in a few days to find out what the exact amount is.
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 Your data will be transmitted securely.

Note : Time for processing is required. Based on the date of your next payment, the withdrawal could be made from your old bank account.

Is there more than one insured member designated under the contract?