User Guide

​Consult your covered expenses

Step 1

In order to log in, go to

Click login, followed by Insured.


Step 2

Enter your username and password and click login.

You will be redirected to the Customer Centre homepage.


Step 3

Click on the link Check covered medical expenses or Check covered dental care expenses in the Shortcuts box on the right.


Step 4

Click Consult the Expenses Covered Under Your Health Insurance or Consult the Expenses Covered Under Your Dental Insurance in the Expenses Covered tab.



The expenses covered under your health insurance are displayed in categories.

Please note that this table is a summary of the expenses covered. For more information on eligibility conditions or your contract's terms and conditions, consult the booklet.

Step 5

For more information on specific coverage, click the link.

You may also simulate a mock claim to get an idea of the amount you will be reimbursed.