Comprehensive coverage

A competitive, comprehensive and easy-to-manage group insurance solution for Small Medium Enterprises.

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At SSQ Insurance, we understand that group insurance needs vary from one client to another. We offer a customizable group insurance plan designed for businesses employing 5 to 50 people.

Life and disability insurance

Life and accidental death and dismemberment insurance

These coverages are granted to both employees and their dependents. The plan sponsor chooses the coverage amount and end date.

Optional life insurance

This optional coverage is subject to proof of insurability. It is available to employees and their dependents. Employees choose a coverage amount based on the terms of the group insurance contract established by the plan sponsor.

Short and long term disability insurance

Depending on their needs, plan sponsors choose:

  • The coverage amount
  • The waiting periods for health, accident, and hospitalization coverage
  • The "own occupation period" (24 months) by including or not the waiting period for long term disability insurance

Health care

We offer four different coverage statuses: individual, family, single-parent, and couples.

Several options are available to Plan Sponsors regarding deductibles, maximum dispensing fees, and coinsurance.

Prescription drugs

Coverage includes vaccines and sclerosing injections


Hospitalization expenses

Travel insurance

Travel insurance with assistance and travel cancellation insurance

Health professionals

Choice among four options of pre-determined levels of reimbursement with or without MKO. (Total of eight different options)

Vision care (optional)

Choice among two blocks of pre-determined levels of reimbursement

Other health expenses

Coverage is also available for other health expenses including ambulance transportation, nursing care and laboratory analyses

Dental Care

Dental care coverage is optional. Claims are submitted directly using a direct payment card.

Different options are available to plan sponsors regarding deductibles, coinsurance and coverage blocks.

Block 1

Diagnostic services

Preventive services and space maintainers

Minor restorative services



Rebase (jump), reline, adjustment, and repair of removable dentures

Repair of fixed bridges and crowns

Oral surgery

Additional services

Block 2

Everything from block 1


Major restorative services and fixed prosthodontics

Removable denture

Fixed bridge

Block 3

Everything from block 1 and block 2



Value-added services

Medical and dental "Cost Plus" benefit coverage

This extended coverage is beyond what the basic group insurance covers. It is available to designed classes of employees and their eligible dependents. Per the Canadian Income Tax Act, qualifying medical, dental or hospital expenses can be processed on a "cost plus" basis.

Health and Wellness Program

Designed specifically to improve the health of employees, our Health InSight Program aims to develop and implement a health culture in organizations through concrete solutions that are adapted to each work environment.

Health Support Service*

Employees going through hard times? Help them get back on their feet as quickly as possible by giving them a referral card for our Health Support Service program. This program gives employees and their dependents access to:

  • 3 hours of telephone consultations, including 1 hour of legal or financial advice
  • 6 hours of consultation at an office or via a secure website
  • Help with finding a shelter or childcare services
  • Videos on a variety of topics (suicide prevention, Internet addiction, stress management, burnout, etc.)

* Included in contracts with long term disability insurance.

This page is intended to provide an overview of available coverage. It does not describe all of the provisions, exclusions, and limitations applicable to specific insurance plans or coverages.