​May 29, 2017

​Proud sponsor of the Sanofi Canada Healthcare Survey, SSQ is committed to offering efficient, sustainable plans

SSQ Financial Group is proud to be associated with the 20th edition of the Sanofi Canada Healthcare Survey, Canada's premier survey on healthcare. This prestigious study takes the pulse of Canadians with employer-sponsored health benefit plans, tracks their overall degree of satisfaction and outlines their health concerns and issues. In the industry, the survey report serves as a benchmark for evaluating emerging trends in healthcare and benefit plans. Understanding health-related issues opens the door to insightful solutions, an objective shared by both Sanofi and SSQ.

SSQ is very involved with plan promoters, and keeps close tabs on group insurance programs and how they are evolving in order to help its customers implement the best group health care plans that meet the needs of their employees, while ensuring that the plans are sustainable long-term. "Health and wellness are core SSQ concerns. We believe that health prevention and promotion can contribute to a healthier economy, with healthier populations and company performances," said Carl Laflamme, SSQ Financial Group's Senior Vice-President for Distribution.

Innovative and avant-garde, SSQ added the HealthWise program to its service offer in 2004. Backed by a team of organizational health experts, this program accompanies customers in the implementation of integrated health strategies. Since 2007, SSQ has also been offering a health and wellness component to its own staff, incorporating employee health into the company's overall strategy. As a result, in 2011, SSQ was the first insurer to receive the Entreprise en santé Élite certification, which acknowledges best practices in health promotion, prevention and corporate practices.

The Sanofi Canada survey is an invaluable tool for plan administrators. For more information, see the press release published by Sanofi.

About SSQ Financial Group

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