New Smart Beta Plus Portfolio funds

Smart Beta Plus Portfolio funds are now part of our platform of funds. These turnkey portfolio funds allow your clients to combine active and passive management strategies in a single investment solution.

Segregated Fund Facts

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Our Smart Beta Plus Portfolio funds are designed for clients looking to increase their foreign investments while still benefiting from active Canadian investments. These funds offer low volatility and maximum diversification, and are well-suited for investors seeking to obtain a better risk-adjusted return.

These portfolios follow a core-satellite approach. Managed by TD and TOBAM, the "Core" or Smart Beta portion is composed of foreign investments, while the “satellite” or “plus” portion is actively managed by two Canadian managers: AlphaFixe and Triasima.


Advantages of SSQ Smart Beta Plus Portfolio GIFs

  • Low volatility
  • Maximum diversification
  • Better risk-adjusted return
  • Better tax efficiency
  • Lower management fees than our Strategy and Celestia portfolio funds

About our managers


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