Distinctive, diverse and multi-purpose funds

Since hand-picking segregated funds is not always easy, SSQ Financial Group has created 12 portfolio funds that are adapted to your risk tolerance and savings objective.

Advantages of SSQ GIF Portfolios

  • Diversified investment in a single purchase
  • Different asset classes: bonds, Canadian and foreign equities and specialty funds
  • High yield potential
  • Capital guarantee
  • Reputable fund managers
  • Fund and manager performance is diligently evaluated by our specialists

Our Portfolio Funds

SSQ Smart Beta Plus Portfolio Guaranteed Investment Funds (GIF)

SSQ Smart Beta Pus Portfolios GIF follow a core-satellite approach that combines Smart Beta strategies with active strategies. Smart Beta strategies offer lower volatility, maximum diversification and higher risk-adjusted returns, while active strategies aim to outperform their benchmarks.

The composition of these funds include:

  • Bonds
  • Canadian equity
  • Foreign equity

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SSQ Strategy Guaranteed Investment Funds (GIF)

SSQ Strategy GIFs rely on capital growth to generate returns on stocks.

Asset allocation will vary according to your financial need and will be diversified so as to take advantage of every type of investment. These funds are mainly comprised of:

  • Bonds
  • Canadian Equity
  • Foreign Equity

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SSQ Celestia Guaranteed Investment Funds (GIF)

SSQ Celestia GIFs generate income by investing more in income-oriented funds, rather than relying solely on capital growth.

They are not only comprised of the most typical assets (bonds, Canadian and foreign equity), they also include:

  • High-yield bonds
  • Income trusts
  • Dividend-paying stocks

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How to Invest in One of our Portfolio Funds?

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