Guarantees that Protect your Investment

All SSQ Financial Group's segregated funds guarantee your invested capital at 75% upon death or at the annuitant's 100th birthday, at no extra charge.

With the capital protection guarantee offered by SSQ's segregated funds, you no longer need to worry about market fluctuations.

Enhance your Guarantee

For an additional fee, you can upgrade your guarantee and insure 100% of your capital upon death or at maturity of the guarantee, which varies according to your age when you made your first contribution to segregated funds.

Enhanced Guarantee

  • 75% capital guarantee at maturity
  • 100% capital guarantee upon death

Optimal Guarantee

  • 100% capital guarantee at maturity or upon death

Your Capital is Protected

Should SSQ ever face insolvency, your capital invested in segregated funds is protected thanks to Assuris.

Assuris guarantees up to $60,000, or 85% of the guaranteed amounts, whichever is higher.

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SSQ Guaranteed Investment Fund Guarantees (PDF, 541 kb)

How to Invest in One of our Funds?

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