Are you Looking for a Secure Investment?

Avoid nasty surprises with SSQ Insurance's guaranteed interest account (GIA) which offers full capital preservation and a fixed interest rate.

Different terms and options are available:

  • Redeemable
  • Non-redeemable
  • Simple interest (for TFSA and NRSP only)
  • Compound interest

For your specific investment needs, SSQ Insurance also offers the following GIAs:

SSQ Equity GIA

Security Combined with the Stock Market's Return Potential

SSQ Equity GIA is an innovative hybrid vehicle that offers the best of both worlds: the security of a GIA and the return potential of segregated funds.



  • Guaranteed capital and interest rates
  • Unlimited potential return connected to the performance of the markets
  • Full protection of capital and accumulated returns in the event of death

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SSQ Equity GIA (PDF, 1.8 MB)


Laddered GIA

A Practical and Effective Strategy to Diversify your GIAs

The amount invested in the Laddered GIA will be divided into 3, 5, 7 or 10 equal portions depending on the total duration of the contract (3, 5, 7 or 10 years). Because it includes various GIAs of durations as short as one year, the Laddered GIA allows you to take and reinvest some of your investments every year and take advantage of any eventual rate increase. You enjoy the same interesting interest rate for both shorter and longer term investments.


  • Minimum investment: $5,000
  • Spreading maturity dates of your GIAs over 3, 5, 7 or 10 years
  • A choice of redeemable or non-redeemable options. Redemption fees may apply.
  • Available for the following plans: RRSP, Locked-in RRSP, TFSA and non-registered savings plan (NRSP)


  • Guaranteed capital and interest rates
  • Cash available free of charge each year from the first year of investment, on the anniversary of the GIA
  • Better rates than on short-term investments, and enhanced according to the amounts invested

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Laddered GIA (PDF, 912 kB)


High Yield account

A Real Savings Account with High Returns

The High Yield Account acts as a short-term savings account. It is the ideal solution to save for a special project or to serve as a "financial cushion" for the unexpected.


  • Minimum investment: $400
  • Variable rate 
  • Redeemable at any time. Redemption fees may apply.
  • Available for all plans


  • Guaranteed capital
  • No fees for opening the account or withdrawal
  • Easy transfers to other GIAs or segregated funds

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High Yield Account (PDF, 7.63 MB)


GIA Guarantee

Should SSQ Insurance ever face insolvency, your capital invested in GIAs is protected by Assuris.

Coverage by Assuris may reach $100,000 per person.

How to Invest in one of our GIAs?

Contact your financial security advisor or call us.

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