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Tax Slips

Please note that all tax slips have been sent out with the exception of the T3, RL-16 Slips (income in non-registered accounts), and NR4 (for non-residents of Canada) which will all be sent out before March 31st.

How to Invest with SSQ Insurance

Investment and retirement are key components of a sound financial plan. SSQ Insurance offers products that are adapted to each stage in your life and your situation. Financial security advisors who distribute our products will provide you with guidance and support.

With SSQ Insurance you have access to:

A financial security advisor will guide and support you through the following three stages:

Which plan to choose?

  • To save for retirement?
  • For another financial project?
  • To receive an income?

RRSP, TFSA, RRIF and Other Plans

Given your financial situation and your risk tolerance, what is your investor profile?

Determine your investor profile

Which investment vehicle best suits your needs and your investor profile?

More information about our investment vehicles:

Ready to invest?

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Other options for you to invest with us

Loans for RRSPs, TFSAs

Your financial security advisor will be able to assess your financial situation and determine if it is to your advantage to borrow funds to invest in our segregated funds or GIAs.

RRSP Loans >

Private Wealth Management

If you have assets in excess of $500,000, your financial advisor can provide you with a wealth management program tailored to meet your financial goals.

Private Wealth Management >

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