Prevention systems

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Lower your home insurance premium by using prevention systems



Get up to 15% off with an alarm system protecting your home from fire and break-ins*



Save up to 25% when you install a water shutoff system*

Automatic water shutoff system

Water damage is very common. In fact, it is the primary reason for home insurance claims in Quebec, ahead of fire and theft1. A system that detects and stops water leaks in the home is all the more appealing as a means of prevention.

How does a water shutoff system work?

When one of the detectors installed in a high risk area of your home comes into contact with water, a signal is sent to a valve installed on the water main. It shuts off the water supply, stops the leak and significantly reduces the extent of potential damage. You then receive a notification to alert you about the incident.


Why install a water shutoff system?

  • To lower your insurance premium by up to 25%*
  • To protect irreplacable belongings like your photos and computer files
  • To leave home with peace of mind, regardless of how long you plan to be away

Save when you buy a security + water shutoff system


In addition to reducing your insurance premium by up to 30%*, enjoy a great offer when you buy a system from our partner Stanley Security, including a complete security and water shutoff system.

And that’s not all! After installation, SSQ Insurance in collaboration with Stanley Security will give you a $50 gift certificate redeemable at a retailer of your choice from among a wide range of possibilities!**


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1 Insurance Bureau of Canada

* Discounts depending on the type of system installed and options selected. Certain conditions, restrictions and exclusions may apply.

** Certain conditions, restrictions and exclusions may apply. Offer applicable to SSQ Insurance customers on some of our partner’s packages. The monthly rate for the service varies depending on the package you select. Hookups to an existing system are possible. The $50 gift certificate offer may end at any time.