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Legal Assistance

Protect your rights with legal assistance!

For $10 a year, this service gives you unlimited telephone access to a team of legal professionals.

This service helps you deal with everyday situations including the following:

  • My neighbor’s tree branches are encroaching on my property and causing damage. Can I force him to cut them?
  • I purchased a house and just discovered the roof leaks. Do I have any recourse against the seller?
  • I just bought a new car that is giving me problems. What can I do?
  • I would like to settle my divorce amicably. How should I proceed?

With legal assistance, you’ll have access to a service that can help you reach amicable or formal resolutions to certain legal disputes related to your private life. Most fields of law are covered, including family law.

As part of our ongoing efforts to provide our clients with additional benefits, SSQauto offers this legal assistance program that can be added to your home insurance policy.

For find out more about legal assistance:


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