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What are the underwriting requirements?

Simplified or guaranteed issue life insurance: Medical and lifestyle questions in the electronic application determine your client’s eligibility. There are no other underwriting requirements. The Product Description and Underwriting Guidelines document contains more information while the Questionnaire - Simplified Life and Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance document contains the list of eligibility questions.

Can a company be a policyowner?

No, only individuals can be policyowners.

Are there alternatives if my client is uncomfortable using the electronic application?

Simplified or guaranteed issue life insurance: No, all applications must be submitted electronically because the underwriting component is built in. You’ll need to refer your customer to another one of our products.

Can I use the electronic application to make a change in the contract?

No, the electronic application can only be used to submit new business.

Can the electronic application be used to replace an existing policy?

Simplified or guaranteed issue life insurance: No, this product cannot replace a policy already in force.

Needs analysis and illustrations

Does the electronic application generate the illustrations?

Simplified or guaranteed issue life insurance: Yes. The illustration is generated after the coverage selection. It’s actually the electronic application that will allow you to calculate the premium.

Filling out an electronic application

Can I start filling out an application before I meet with my clients?

Yes, by selecting the face-to-face interview option. Then, if the actual interview is done remotely, simply change the option under the "Base" tab in the application so that your clients can validate the information remotely.

All the information entered is saved automatically. However, an icon in the top right corner also allows you to save your progress. You can retrieve an application within 30 days of saving it, then proceed to validate each section during your meeting with the client.

I want to start a new application but the platform asks me to end the call. What should I do?

When an application is already in progress, you must close it by clicking "Close call" under the "Session Control" tab to start a new one. You can then choose the desired product on the right side of the page.

Can I backdate my client’s age in the electronic application?

Simplified or guaranteed issue life insurance: No.

Saving, changing and submitting an application

Can I save an electronic application?

Applications are automatically saved as information is entered – you don't need to validate a section to save the information. An icon in the top right corner also allows you to save your progress.

All applications remain in the system for 30 days, until they are submitted.

Can I make changes to a submitted application?

If modifications are required, contact your MGA who will liaise with our new business management team. If you wish to make changes to an insurance policy that has already been issued, several forms are available on the secure extranet for advisors.

Can I access an electronic application that has already been submitted?

No. Only unsubmitted applications are accessible for 30 days.

Do I have to send the application to my managing general agent (MGA)?

No, a secure report will be sent to the MGA as soon as the application is submitted. In most cases, this report will feed new business updates to your MGA’s monitoring system.

How can I view an application that has already been submitted?

There is a PDF version of the application available in the last section of the electronic application by clicking “Make PDF.” In fact, you must save the PDF in your files to be able to submit the application.

In the case of simplified life insurance products, the PDF version of the application does not include the medical questionnaire. A second PDF is generated automatically for the medical questionnaire and can also be saved.

Non-face-to-face sales (remote)

I entered my client’s credit card number remotely and it doesn’t work. What should I do?

Only your client can enter his or her credit card number during a non-face-to-face sale (remote). Important, as soon as you click "Validate," the premium payment goes through immediately, even though the electronic application hasn’t been submitted yet.

Can I make a non-face-to-face sale in another province?

Only if you have a valid licence in that province.

Once submitted

Will my client receive a confirmation?

Simplified or guaranteed issue life insurance: Yes, a confirmation email is sent to your client as soon as the application is submitted. When the policy is issued, a secure link is emailed to the client. The electronic application provides a call code that gives your client access to it. You have access to the policy via your secure extranet site.

Is a paper contract sent?

Simplified or guaranteed issue life insurance: No. As soon as the application is approved, the contract is sent to the client by secure email. The electronic application provides an access code that gives your client access to it. You have access to the policy via your secure extranet site.

My client did not receive his/her simplified product contract in 60 minutes. What is going on?

Simplified or guaranteed issue life insurance: One-hour issue of contracts is available weekdays from 5:30 a.m. to 11:30 p.m. On weekends, the one-hour issue is available between 4:30 a.m. and midnight on Saturdays, and between 7 a.m. and midnight on Sundays (Eastern Time).

In the case of additional insurance for an existing SSQ Insurance client, the time required to issue the contract may be longer.

To track these applications, log on to LifeSuite on your secure extranet.

Connection, security and password

How do I access the electronic application?

Access the electronic application at ssq.ca/en/electronic-application.

To log in, enter your email address as your username and the password that you were given, then click "Login."

Only advisors who are authorized to do business with us get a password to access the electronic application. Don’t have a contract? Contact an SSQ Insurance representative at 1-888-292-8483.

Can I change my password?

No, the password cannot be changed.

What do I do if I forget my password?

There is a function in the electronic application that allows you to obtain another password should you forget yours.

Do I need a new password to sell the simplified insurance products?

No, your username and password are the same regardless of the product you choose. If you were already using the electronic application before the launch of the simplified products, your login details are still valid.

What security measures are applied to electronic applications?

A unique password is given to each advisor. If you forget your password, you can reset it, but you cannot create your own. This is to prevent hackers from using standard passwords to access our system. During a sale, whether in person (face-to-face) or remotely, the IP address is saved to confirm the place of validation and signature. This information is then included in the PDF version of the application which is an integral part of the contract.

Why must I validate each section with the client?

Validation ensures that the client is involved at every step of the process. Doing this also greatly reduces the risk of mistakes and misinterpretation, whether the sale is done face-to-face or not.

Fast electronic application integrated into the SSQ Insurance illustration software

Is the fast electronic application still integrated into the SSQ Insurance illustration software?

Yes. It can be used for all regular issue products, including Universal Life Insurance and Whole Life Insurance. However, it is not allowed for non-face-to-face sales.

IMPORTANT! The illustration software is not applicable for simplified or guaranteed issue products because in these cases, the electronic application generates the illustration.

What are the differences between the electronic application and the one integrated into the illustration software?

The electronic application is entirely online, which means there is no need to use the illustration software and get a signature on paper. The electronic application integrated into the illustration software requires a signature on paper, but allows traditional Universal Life and Whole Life products to be submitted.

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