Critical Illness Insurance

Insurance that helps you focus on getting better

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Why Get Critical Illness Insurance?

Critical illness insurance enables you to focus on getting better, because you will receive a tax-free amount that you can use as you see fit. This amount will be paid if there is a diagnosis of a critical illness that is covered and if you have survived the waiting period indicated in the insurance policy.

3 types of critical illness insurance

When illness strikes, your recovery or that of a loved one becomes your main concern. Your financial situation is the last thing you should be worrying about.

  • Basic Coverage - 3 illnesses
  • Enhanced Coverage - 25 illnesses
  • Children Protection - 28 illnesses

Assistance Coverage

The assistance coverage benefit is included on all critical illness insurance products and includes:

  • Second medical opinion
  • Psychological assistance
  • Legal assistance

Advantages of Critical Illness Insurance

  • Protect your income and assets
  • Protect you and your family's financial security
  • Replace your income if you are absent from work during your convalescence or that of a loved one
  • Pay for medication and treatments not covered by other health insurance plans
  • Cover bills for current expenses
  • Cover extra expenses such as travel, home care, domestic help for housework or childcare

How to Get Critical Illness Insurance?

Contact your financial security advisor or call us.