Institutional Investment Services

SSQ Insurance offers its investment services to companies, retirement committees and other institutional investors who wish to improve their investment strategy.

Advantages of Doing Business with SSQ Insurance

Enjoy the benefits usually reserved for large pension funds with very reasonable management fees thanks to the economies of scale in pooled funds.

Fund Platform

  • Full range of reputable institutional fund managers
  • A complementary fund offering to maximize stability and return potential thanks to, among other features: 
    • Alternative asset classes like real estate
    • Liability-driven investment strategies

Management Approach

  • Transparent and fully independent selection of managers and funds as SSQ Insurance has no internal or affiliated managers
  • Proactive approach to funds added or removed when based on our analyses it is relevant to do so

Services Offered by SSQ Insurance

  • Implementation of a personalized investment strategy
  • Team of highly qualified professionals closely monitors fund managers and makes the necessary adjustments
  • Monitoring tools, like the secure website, and reports to evaluate performance

How to Invest with SSQ Insurance?

Contact your advisor or call us.

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