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SSQ Insurance has developed a unique Organizational Health expertise. We offer support based on best practices and evidence-based data to help you make the physical and psychological health of your staff a top priority.

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Unique approach to workplace attendance management

Our approach is to give your organization’s leaders and managers the tools they need to be able to intervene appropriately in a disability situation, from the period prior to the employee’s leave of absence to his or her return to work.

Our team of experts provide you with end-to-end advice and support based on the needs of your organization and staff. Our experts use a comprehensive range of services to help you deal with all the health situations encountered by your staff.

  • An organizational health analysis will give you an overall view of the health of your organization.
  • A workplace attendance review is then conducted to identify the areas for improvement and, with your input, develop an action plan.
  • To take the approach a step further, coaching workshops can also be rolled out to develop your managers’ knowledge and competencies in the area of workplace attendance management.

Prevention and health and wellness promotion

Developing a sound plan to introduce a healthy work culture to the organization.

  • Our experts will guide you through a structured process: management’s commitment, health and wellness committee, action plan, tracking of key indicators, etc.
  • We will help you implement practices promoting employee health and wellness: lifestyle habits, management practices, work environment and work/life balance.
  • We will give you access to tools promoting health and wellness for your staff and managers such as webinars, training, challenges and much more!

Guidance and support

We’re here to guide you if you need support along the way.

  • Human approach based on dialogue, empathy, and understanding of your needs.
  • Optimized management tools to prevent absenteeism and leaves from work, including a health support tool for managers and a wide range of resources to support your teams through difficult times.
  • Employee assistance program (EAP) offering guidance for physical or psychological health problems, including Dialogue telemedicine services.

Successful return to work

We give you the tools you need to succeed

  • Motivating approach
  • Concrete tools available to insureds and managers
  • Rehabilitation services

Always here for you

Our experts are only a click or phone call away!

  • COVID-19 support: free online help available 24/7 offered by Optima Global Health.
  • Easy access to our experts and resources for help in a time of crisis.
  • A full range of tools available at all times to support your teams’ physical and psychological well-being.

Concrete results – evidence-based data

Our best practices and evidence-based approach allow you to take action and get actual results.

Talk about mental health


of Canadians report a worsening of their mental health, with one-in-ten (10% overall) saying it has worsened “a lot”.

(Angus Reid Institute, "Worry, Gratitude & Boredom")

Impact of chronic illnesses is underestimated


of Canadian employees were diagnosed with a chronic illness. Employers estimate that number at 34%.

(Sanofi Canada, 2020)

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