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Website for Plan Administrators

The secure website ACCESS | Administrators lets you easily manage your group insurance plan. You can:

  • Make changes to the data on insureds, including adding insureds and changing salary amounts
  • Consult your invoice and download premium details by insured
  • Make coverage changes in your group
  • Consult the forms, documents and guides required for the management of your group
  • Give access to the secure website to your colleagues so they can help you manage the plan online
  • Chose the payment method for your group insurance premiums
  • Send emails securely

Not yet registered on our secure website? Contact our Customer Service for plan administrators.

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The ACCESS | Plan Administrators website: making management of your group insurance files easier! (PDF, 410 kB)

Online Services for Plan Members

Several other services are offered to plan members. To learn more, go to:

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