​Segregated Funds

Over 40 segragated funds

Choosing to do business with SSQ Insurance means choosing peace of mind. Investors who choose our range of segregated funds, called Guaranteed Investment Funds (GIFs), enjoy capital protection and rigorous and impartial monitoring of some of Canada’s top institutional fund managers.

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Our Segregated Funds: rock-solid protection and peace of mind
Offer the option of 100% capital guarantee upon maturity or death

  • Adapted to your clients’ security needs thanks to the three capital guarantee options
  • Gives access to specialized funds such as GQG Partners, our new fund manager. An exclusivity ton our segregated funds platform
  • All our fund managers were signatories to the PRI at the end of 2020

Advantages of our Segregated Funds

Over 40 Segregated Funds

SSQ Insurance offers over 40 Guaranteed Investment funds (GIFs) for all types of investors and their savings objectives.

Your clients may choose from among several income, balanced, equity (Canadian or foreign), specialty or index funds.

Renowned Fund Managers

We have selected specialized fund managers among the most reputable in Canada and around the world to manage our Guaranteed Investment funds (GIF).

All of these managers are subject to SSQ Insurance's monitoring program for performance and compliance with investment policies.

Fund Guarantee

Three guarantee options are available to address the needs of investors.

Minimum Contribution

  • $400 per contribution
  • $40 per pre-authorized purchase

Minimum Redemption or Transfer

  • $100 per redemption or transfer
  • No transfer fees on transfers from one fund or money manager to another, except for excessive short-term transactions

Sales Charge Options

  Back-load Sales Charges No-load Front-load sales charge Advisor Chargeback
Commission (SSQ Fiera Capital Money Market GIF without commission)

High sales commission and trailer fee commission payable from the first month

The trailer commission is doubled at the end of the back-load sales charge schedule (for guarantees purchased after November 26, 2012)

High trailer fee commission payable from the first month and no sales commission High trailer fee commission payable from the first month and negotiable sales commission High trailer fee commission payable from the 25th month and interesting sales commission
Client fees 1st year: 6%
2nd year: 6%
3rd year: 5%
4th year: 4%
5th year: 3%
6th year: 2%
Subsequent years: none
None Maximum 5% of the contribution None
Client fees exemption (per contract) 10% (or 20% for the RRIFs) of the market value calculated per fund n/a None n/a
Commission chargeback None None None For 2 years, prorated for the months elapsed

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