The key to sound investing is a selection of superior investment vehicles.

SSQ Insurance gives you access to a family of great funds, prominent investment management companies, competitive guaranteed products and excellent customer service which is the cornerstone of our reputation.

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 SSQ Insurance becomes Beneva

What does this mean for you? Our FAQ will tell you!
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Our Segregated Funds: rock-solid protection and peace of mind
Offer the option of 100% capital guarantee upon maturity or death

  • Adapted to your clients’ security needs thanks to the three capital guarantee options
  • Gives access to specialized funds such as GQG Partners. An exclusivity to our segregated funds platform
  • All our fund managers were signatories to the PRI at the end of 2020

Smart Beta Plus Portfolio funds are now part of our platform of funds. These turnkey portfolio funds allow your clients to combine active and passive management strategies in a single investment solution.

By investing with SSQ Insurance, your clients will have access to our full range of investment products.

Top 10 reasons for choosing our investment products

Over 40 funds

A segregated fund platform of over 40 excellent funds offering different objectives and management styles suitable for all types of investors. Access to a number of funds managed by experienced institutional managers including PIMCO, Triasima and C WorldWide, who offer highly competitive management fees, and access to speciality funds in asset classes such as real estate and infrastructure.

Private Wealth Management

A unique Private Wealth Management platform, offering an investment approach that reproduces the management model used by major pension funds.

Manager of managers approach

A manager of managers approach is employed that utilizes a rigorous selection, monitoring and adaption process to ensure best in class managers are always on our platform. The choice of investment managers is completely impartial because SSQ Insurance uses no proprietary investment management in its fund offering.

Several guarantee options

Several guarantee options are available: Basic (75/75), Enhanced (75/100) and Optimal (100/100), all at competitive guarantee rates.

Investment options for older clients

Segregated funds that include investment options for clients up to age 90 and which allow for additional deposits up to age 100.

Unique commission plan

A unique commission plan known as Mode B, which pays advisors an initial gross commission of 3% and offers the advantages of a fund with NO sales charge for your clients.

Welcome bonus

A welcome bonus that repays certain redemption costs to new clients, up to the gross commission amount paid.

Secure advisor website

Access to a secure advisor website to manage and monitor your clients’ investments.

Customer service department

A qualified and dedicated customer service department to provide the best client support possible.

Merit Plan

Accessible and generous SSQ Insurance Merit Plan, an annual bonus program that rewards you directly for sales of individual insurance and investment products combined.

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