Universal Life Insurance

Life insurance that enables your clients to grow tax-sheltered savings


 SSQ Insurance becomes Beneva

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Why offer universal life insurance to your clients?

While being designed to combine life insurance coverage with tax-sheltered savings, the simplicity of SSQ Insurance Universal life insurance makes it perfectly tailored to a variety of clients.

Product features

  • Level T100 and yearly renewable term (YRT) cost of insurance options
  • Increasing or level death benefit options
  • No surrender charges for Level T100 cost of insurance
  • Guaranteed annual bonus equal to 1% of the average value of the accumulation fund, from the 6th policy anniversary
  • Daily and Guaranteed interest investment options of 1, 3, 5 and 10 years
  • Investment options that include index accounts and managed accounts linked to renowned funds currently offered on our segregated funds' platform
  • Life insurance benefits for children, with insurability benefit and critical illness insurance included
  • Individual, joint first to die and joint last to die types of policy


  • Easy to understand, it offers the right set of options rather than too many choices for your clients
  • The increasing death benefit option allows for the amount payable at death to increase as the accumulation fund value grows
  • Choice of premium payment amount, facilitating savings opportunities
  • Flexibility of coverage enables changes during the course of the policy depending on your clients' needs: changes in amount insured, changes in premium amount, withdrawals of accumulated funds and transfers between investment accounts
  • Universal life insurance statements: accessible directly via the Advisor’s secure website, under the Reports tab.

Additional benefits

Your clients may add other insurance coverages to their universal life insurance policy

* Available on the same life insured and with individual type of policy only (not available in multi-life contract).

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Marketing documents are available at the Beneva Document Centre.



Learn more about Universal Life Insurance statements
How to connect? How to download them? How to generate a report on request? It’s all here.

Universal life insurance statements are accessible directly via the Advisor’s secure website, under the Reports tab. The frequency at which statements are produced depends on the savings fund accumulated in the UL accounts, as follows:

  • All contracts: Annual, on contract anniversary
  • Amounts of $10,000 to $99,999: Semi-annual, June 30 and December 31
  • Amounts of $100,000 and above: Quarterly, March 31, June 30, September 30 and December 31


  • ”Produce up-to-date universal life statement” Option
    • Statement generated from the current date to the last contract anniversary
    • Statement covering a period beyond the last contract anniversary (On request via the Partner services team, In-force business)

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