Critical Illness Insurance

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 SSQ Insurance becomes Beneva

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3 types of critical illness insurance

Available Coverage Basic Coverage - 3 illnesses Enhanced Coverage - 25 illnesses Children Protection - 28 illnesses
10-year and 20-year term insurance:
  • Level, guaranteed premiums for the initial term
  • Renewable coverage with guaranteed renewal premiums
  • Convertible
x x  
Coverage up to age 75: Level, guaranteed premiums x x x
Coverage up to age 100: Level, guaranteed premiums x x x
Coverage up to age 100 with premium payment option over 20 years: Level, guaranteed premiums x x x
An additional 10% of the sum insured is paid out in the event of a diagnosis of certain types of skin cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer or coronary angioplasty.   x x
Individual and multi-life coverage available x x x
Illnesses covered
llnesses covered Basic coverage – 3 illnesses Enhanced coverage – 25 illnesses Children protection – 28 illnesses
Alzheimer's disease   x x
Aortic surgery   x x
Aplastic anemia   x x
Autism     x
Bacterial meningitis   x x
Benign brain tumour   x x
Blindness   x x
Cancer (life-threatening) x x x
Coma   x x
Coronary artery bypass surgery   x x
Cystic fibrosis     x
Deafness   x x
Heart attack x x x
Heart valve replacement   x x
Kidney failure   x x
Loss of autonomy   x x
Loss of limbs   x x
Loss of speech   x x
Major organ transplant   x x
Major organ transplant on waiting list   x x
Motor neuron disease   x x
Multiple sclerosis   x x
Muscular dystrophy     x
Occupational HIV infection   x x
Paralysis   x x
Parkinson's disease   x x
Severe burns   x x
Stroke x x x


Assistance Coverage

The assistance coverage benefit is included on all critical illness insurance products and includes:

  • Second medical opinion
  • Psychological assistance
  • Legal assistance

Complementary Insurance

Your clients may add other insurance products to their critical illness contract to complete their coverage:

  • Life insurance
  • Fracture RIDER
  • Critical illness for children, coverage for 15 juvenile critical illnesses (offered with basic and enhanced coverage)
  • Return of premiums:
    • Upon death
    • At the end of the contract
    • When the contract is cancelled


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Marketing documents are available at the Beneva Document Centre.

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