Individual Insurance

Individual Insurance

Here is a list of products that SSQ Insurance has to offer to your clients.

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 Term Life insurance

Term Plus Term Life Insurance
(10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40)

Term Plus combines the maximum number of options with the flexibility to adapt perfectly to your client’s circumstances and stage of life. If needed, add additional coverage such as critical illness or total disability riders. It’s the ideal solution for insuring loans.

Discover a term insurance product customized for your clients.

Term Plus Term Life

Simplified Term
Life Insurance (10 and 20)

With just a few questions, your clients in good health can be insured quickly for up to $500,000 without a medical exam. Thanks to a fully automated application process, the insurance contract is delivered in 60 minutes or less!

Opt for a term insurance that is easy to understand, easy to obtain and easy to love.

Simplified Term Life

 Permanent Life insurance

Permanent Life (L20, L100 and T100)

Classic permanent life insurance. With premium payment options, guaranteed surrender values (L20 and L100) and various additional coverage options, you’re giving your clients what they need, at the right price.

Sometimes, it’s worth taking your time. Choose classic permanent life insurance to benefit from all the options you are accustomed to in this product range.

Permanent Life

Simplified Whole Life Insurance

Many people find it complicated, time consuming and expensive to get whole life insurance. Or they just don’t want to undergo a medical exam. Simplified whole life insurance can cover them for up to $249,999.

Protect your clients in good health with whole life insurance with fewer questions to answer, no medical exam, and the contract is issued in 60 minutes or less.

Simplified Whole Life


Guaranteed Issue Whole Life

Sometimes, your clients just need a basic amount of insurance to cover such things as funeral expenses without worrying if their health will allow them to obtain coverage.

Guaranteed issue whole life insurance is straight to the point: coverage of up to $50,000 without a medical exam, without delay... without the headache.

Guaranteed Issue Whole Life


 Universal Life Insurance

We have sorted it out for you: instead of offering too many choices, our universal life insurance offers the right choices. With the flexibility of this coverage, your clients will be able to choose their payments, change the amounts or make withdrawals if needed.

When savings are as important as insurance, the solution is clear: our universal life insurance is comprehensive and adapted to the changing needs of your clients.

Universal Life

 Critical Illness Insurance

Choose the type of coverage that will reassure your clients: whether it comes with basic coverage, enhanced coverage or coverage for children, the assistance coverage is always included.

Nobody wants to think about it. But when illness strikes, critical illness insurance allows your clients to focus on getting better without worrying about the bills.

Critical Illness

  An adapted and comprehensive loan insurance solution

Whether it’s to cover a mortgage, line of credit or another type of loan, combine loan insurance in the event of disability and critical illness insurance with Term Plus life insurance.

A winning combination for insuring your clients’ loans  

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