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Offer a full range of traditional and specialized group insurance coverage.

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Why choose SSQ Insurance?

SSQ Insurance stands out in the group insurance market by offering:

  • Contracts truly customized to the needs and specifics of each group
  • High-quality specialized products at competitive prices
  • Fast and efficient implementation
  • Customer Service department attentive to claimant and administrator needs

Hassle-free business relations

At SSQ Insurance, we believe in building relationships and trust.

Your clients will appreciate our expertise and know-how, and you'll obtain a rate of satisfaction that is among the highest in the industry.

Traditional Coverage

​Health Insurance

Many coverage options, selected on the basis of each group's needs, are included in our health insurance coverage. Control measures are included to ensure optimal management of your plan's costs.

Thanks to our made-to-measure products, insureds have better access to quality health care and services:

  • Hospital expenses not covered by the public plan
  • Prescription drugs (with drug insurance) coverage
  • Medical supplies
  • Different services rendered by health professionals, including vision care and dental care
​Prescription Drug Insurance

Included under health insurance coverage, prescription drug insurance reimburses expenses for drugs requiring a prescription.This coverage enables insureds to get the drugs they need at a lower cost. The drugs covered may vary depending on the provisions of your group insurance plan.

Cost Management

At SSQ Insurance, prescription drug cost control measures are at the heart of our practices. We ensure rigorous follow-up of all claims. Our team of expert pharmacists is able to identify problems with groups, control abuse and even make recommendations to you.

Exception Drugs

Your group insurance contract provides a List of exception drugs, which is similar to the list used for the public prescription drug insurance plan.

Insureds who require an exception drug can request prior authorization in order to obtain a reimbursement. To do so, they must complete the Prescription Drug – Special Authorization Request with the help of their physician.

For more details regarding the exception drugs request process, consult the Prior authorization prescription drug FAQ.

​Disability Insurance

Always on the lookout for new products and best industry practices, SSQ Insurance offers short and long term disability insurance to meet the needs of your group.

To help you better manage an insured's disability and reduce its duration, disability insurance coverage includes measures such as:

  • Health support program to make insureds' return to work easier
  • Meetings to discuss disability insurance files
  • Integrated approach with everyone involved: you, the insured person, physicians and the SSQ agent assigned to your disability insurance files
Life Insurance

Group life insurance offers insureds and their families peace of mind in the event of death.

Several options can be included in your group insurance coverage to meet the needs and particularities of each group.

Basic Life Insurance
This option provides the designated beneficiary with a lump sum payment or a predetermined multiple of the insured's salary.

Optional Life Insurance
This coverage enables you to add an additional basic life insurance amount to better meet the needs of insureds.

Other Specialized Products
We offer several specialized products including accidental death and dismemberment insurance. This additional coverage can be adapted to better meet the specific needs of each group.

​Dental Care Insurance

An excellent complement to health insurance, dental care insurance provides additional coverage to your group insurance. Depending on the particularities and preferences of your group, you may opt for one of the following plans:

  • Basic dental care
  • Major restorative services
  • Orthodontic care
Travel Insurance

Included under health insurance coverage, travel insurance covers emergency expenses incurred by an insured following an illness or accident that occurs outside their province of residence. This coverage also includes travel assistance services provided by our partner CanAssistance, a firm specialized in this field.

Trip Cancellation

An excellent complement to travel insurance, trip cancellation insurance reimburses expenses already incurred in case of cancellation or interruption of a trip. With the support of our partner CanAssistance, we are able to offer all the help required in case of an emergency or unexpected event.

​Health Spending Account

As the perfect complement to health insurance, the Health Spending Account enables you to put a sum of money at the disposal of insureds to reimburse medical or dental expenses that are not covered by your group insurance plan or public health insurance plan.

For insureds

Make the most of your Health Spending Account! (PDF, 244 kB)

Specialized coverage

At SSQ Insurance, offering specialized coverage to meet all your needs remains our top priority. We offer plans that are comprehensive, simple and affordable to make your life easier.

Accidental Death and Dismemberment

A complement to life insurance, accidental death and dismemberment insurance provides the payment of an additional amount if the insured or a dependent, following an accident, suffers:

  • Paralysis
  • Loss of use of a limb, speech, sight or hearing
  • Death

Our coverage can be for periods as short as 24 hours and cover you in many specific situations such as:

  • Work-related risks
  • Non work-related risks
  • Travel accidents
  • Critical illness insurance
  • Expatriate insurance
Critical Illness Insurance

Critical illness insurance is a considerable asset for easing the financial burden of insureds who are diagnosed with a critical illness.

This coverage offers a lump sum benefit to the insured person. This tax-free amount is paid in addition to any long term disability insurance benefits.

By offering critical illness insurance to insureds, you can improve your employee benefit plans at a competitive price.

Talk to your group insurance advisor to learn more about critical illness insurance coverage:

  • Up to 40 critical illnesses covered
  • 3 new critical illness plans
  • 14-day survival period
  • Multiple benefits in the case of unrelated illnesses
  • Several coverage options offered without evidence of insurability
  • Second medical opinion
  • Additional benefit for certain illnesses
  • New benefit in case of cancer recurrence
  • Possibility of conversion to individual insurance for the participant and spouse up to $100,000

Health and Wellness Programs

At SSQ Insurance, we really take our insureds' health to heart. In addition to our full range of coverage adapted to the needs of each group, we offer services and programs that include: the health support service, Employee Assistance Program (EAP), Health InSight - the health and wellness program, and a Health Spending Account (HSA).

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Online services

With its numerous functions, the ACCESS | Advisors secure website allows you to easily manage your group insurance files.

Discover all the advantages of the different online services available to advisors, administrators and insured members.

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