March 15 2019

Women in IT Day - A call-to-action that did not go unnoticed

Following the 2nd edition of the Women in IT Day, held March 5 at Université Laval by ISACA-Québec, honorary chair Michel Loranger, Senior Vice-President – Organizational Performance and Technology at SSQ Assurance, is proud of the 200 participants for promoting the integration of women in the field of information technology.

“A day such as this helps shed light on a field of employment that many women know little about, even though it is diverse and offers many career opportunities. The future is bright for women in IT,” said Michel Loranger. “The speakers and panelists offered several solutions and I’m convinced that our efforts will help attract more female candidates.”

“IT is in an integral part of all companies, small and large, private and public. The ideas and interaction created when men and women work together is part of the big picture, especially in terms of digital shift projects and the challenges that stem from them,” said Loranger.

Author of an open letter (in French only), cosponsored by a large network of business and political people, Ms. Karine Dubé, Vice-President of ISACA-Québec and event organizer, wants to make the market aware of the important contribution women in information technology make to all companies.

“Meeting women who work in IT is inspirational. They work on everything from cybersecurity to corporate information systems. They are role models for all future generations of young women,” said Karine Dubé. “Women have to trust their ability and take their rightful place. This is one conclusion that we can draw from the 2nd edition. If women don’t take their place, no one will do it for them. Their communication skills and determination are valuable assets for 4.0 digital companies. Women are themselves a welcomed wind of change, but it’s through men and women working together that digital companies will overcome their challenges,” she concluded.

The 3rd edition of the Women in IT Day is scheduled for March 2020.


About ISACA-Québec

The Association des professionnels de la vérification et du contrôle des systèmes d'information - Chapitre de Québec (ISACA-Québec) began in the Quebec City area in 1984. It is affiliated with the Information System Audit and Control Association® (ISACA®) and is an NPO whose mission is to promote the professional development of its members and companies in the fields of:

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