June 18 2019

SSQ Insurance launches new innovative investment products combining smart beta and active management strategies

SSQ Insurance is pleased to announce that it has added a new family of turnkey funds, Smart Beta Plus Portfolios, to its product offering. Combining smart beta with active management strategies makes SSQ Insurance the first Canadian company to offer such an innovative and unique product to its clients.

These portfolios use a core-satellite approach. The smart beta portion is the ‘core’ of the strategy and is composed of foreign investments. The passive smart beta strategies replicate a benchmark created using specific factors instead of a traditional market capitalization weighting, thereby decreasing the concentration risk. The expertise of the fund managers is applied to a rigorous and disciplined quantitative management process that is based on risk and performance forecasting models. The ‘satellite’ part is composed of actively managed Canadian funds with the objective of outperforming their benchmarks.

“Financial security advisors who distribute SSQ Insurance guaranteed investment funds will now have access to a new series of turnkey portfolios, in addition to existing portfolio series. Smart Beta Plus portfolio funds are intended for four different investment profiles (conservative, balanced, growth and aggressive), and particularly those who seek maximum diversification, low volatility and a better risk-adjusted return,” said Geneviève Fortier, Senior Vice-President, Sales and Distribution, SSQ Insurance.

In fact, SSQ Insurance's Smart Beta Plus portfolio funds offer more diversification, less volatility and an improved risk/return ratio. In addition, these funds provide better tax efficiency due to a lower turnover rate. Finally, since the funds use passive management strategies, they are less expensive to administer than portfolios that are solely actively managed.

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About SSQ Insurance

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