April 1, 2019

SSQ Insurance employees pranked on April Fool’s Day

SSQ Insurance employees across the country were astonished to see a school of fish swim through their offices. For April Fool’s, a squad of SSQ Insurance employees wearing fish masks and the company’s colours made its way through the floors, elevators, boardrooms and cafeteria to prank employees and capture their reactions on video.

“The idea for the prank comes from the social phenomenon of fish schooling, whereby fish swim together in a coordinated manner. The company wanted to illustrate this collective behaviour on April Fool’s Day as a nod to its ‘communities make us’ brand positioning,” said Annie Lafond, Vice-President – Marketing and E-Business.

Every April 1, many companies try to outdo each by playing pranks on consumers. This year, SSQ Insurance decided to switch things up and prank its employees, and it definitely worked. Employees were very surprised, especially when the school of fish even swam into an executive meeting

See the school of fish for yourself!

SSQ Insurance employees pranked on April Fool’s Day (01:27)

About SSQ Insurance

Founded in 1944, SSQ Insurance is a mutualist company that puts community at the heart of insurance. With assets under management of $12 billion, SSQ Insurance is one of the largest companies in the industry. Working for a community of over three million customers, SSQ Insurance employs over 2,000 people. Leader in group insurance, the company also sets itself apart through its expertise in individual life and health insurance, general insurance and the investment sector.