May 6 2019

SSQ Insurance board director Sylvain Picard receives a Hermès award for his exceptional career

SSQ Insurance is pleased to highlight the important recognition bestowed upon Sylvain Picard by Université Laval's faculty of administrative sciences. On the occasion of the 39th edition of the Prix Hermès held on last May 2, Sylvain Picard received the Prix Hermès de carrière, the event’s most prestigious award.

Sylvain Picard has had a seat on SSQ Insurance’s boards of directors since February 2004. He is also President of the Audit Committee and has been member of the Risk Management Committee for several years. His in-depth knowledge of the insurance field and fringe benefits combined with his experience as an administrator make him a valuable asset for the company. Picard is a Université Laval graduate and General Manager of the Native Benefits Plan (NBP).

“On behalf of the company’s boards of directors and the entire SSQ Insurance team, I want to warmly and enthusiastically congratulate Sylvain for this tribute from his Alma Mater. This award is a well-deserved acknowledgement of his exceptional career,” said René Hamel, Chairman of the Boards of SSQ Insurance.

About SSQ Insurance

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