​May 9, 2017

​SSQ's HealthWise Program Wins Award

SSQ received a remarkable award at the inaugural Gala RH organized by the Ordre des conseillers en ressources humaines agréés(CRHA) for its HealthWise health and wellness program designed to promote workplace attendance.

Organized for the Fondation CRHA, this prestigious event celebrates the highest achievements and accomplishments in the human resources profession.

SSQ proudly accepts the Coup de cœur prize, which is awarded to an organization that has implemented a company-wide health and wellness initiative that fosters a healthy workplace and encourages employees to choose a healthy lifestyle. SSQ Financial Group was also a finalist for the Reconnaissance RH (HR Recognition) award in the Health and Wellness category.

SSQ is proud to invest efforts into finding effective and adapted solutions to promoting health and wellness!

About SSQ Financial Group

With $11 billion in assets under management, SSQ Financial Group is a prominent mutualist diversified financial institution in Canada. It serves over 3 million customers and employs 2,000 individuals. The company is recognized for its leadership in the group insurance industry, and excellence and expertise in the general insurance, individual insurance and investment markets.