February 8, 2017

Jean-François Chalifoux in the Top 25 of Financial Sector Personalities

Jean-François Chalifoux, CEO of SSQ Financial Group, was named one of five finalists in the Insurers category of the prestigious Top 25 of the financial industry, as determined by Finance et Investissement.

"Receiving such a distinction is extremely gratifying. Although I accept it in my own name, I wholeheartedly share it with SSQ Financial Group’s management team and employees who welcomed me with open arms and embraced my vision," declared Jean‑François Chalifoux.

Mr. Chalifoux became CEO of SSQ Financial Group in September 2015. As soon as he took office, his dynamic personality, integrity and above all, his vision, immediately impressed SSQ’s Board of Directors, partners and employees.

His vision to ensure SSQ’s development and longevity rests on the Group’s solid foundation and on placing the company in a favourable position to overcome the challenges faced by the insurance and financial services industry. Taking advantage of the company’s size and ability to adapt, Mr. Chalifoux made sure to rally all stakeholders around the recommended organizational model, which relies on the strengths and talents of employees as well as on a simplified corporate structure.

A member of ACCAP-Québec's Presidents’ Committee since 2015 and Chairman of the Committee on Prescription Drugs, Mr. Chalifoux champions the interests and concerns of insurers, contributing to the development of the industry and promoting customer well-being.

The Top 25 of the financial industry as determined by Finance et Investissement pays tribute to 25 standout leaders who live and work in the province of Quebec.

About SSQ Financial Group

With $11 billion in assets under management, SSQ Financial Group is a prominent mutualist diversified financial institution in Canada. The Group serves over 3 million customers and employs 2,000 individuals. SSQ Financial Group is recognized for its leadership in the group insurance industry and excellence and expertise in the investment sector. SSQ Financial Group has also made its mark through sustained growth in the general insurance and individual insurance markets.