May 31 2019

As part of SSQ Insurance’s 75th anniversary, SSQ Foundation is donating over $500,000 to 27 charitable organizations

May 9, 2019, marked SSQ Insurance’s 75th anniversary. For the occasion, SSQ Foundation donated over $500,000 to 27 charitable organizations across Canada.

An invitation to submit a worthy cause

In November 2018 partners, delegates, employees and customers of SSQ Insurance were invited to submit a cause. The goal was to suggest the names of charities, whose mission they hold dear, and whose prospective projects would qualify them for a donation. Health, wellness and disease prevention initiatives as well as youth support programs (staying in school, drug abuse and workforce reintegration) were prioritized.

The campaign was a resounding success with the Foundation’s Board of Directors receiving more than 280 submissions, each as worthy as the last. In all, 27 organizations in Canada obtained SSQ Foundation’s support.

“SSQ Insurance’s 75th anniversary is the perfect occasion for SSQ Foundation to show its social commitment. It’s a concrete way of demonstrating how ‘communities make us’. We are convinced that communities across the country will benefit from this financial contribution,” said Jean-François Chalifoux, Chief Executive Officer of SSQ Insurance.


On April 27, during the activities surrounding the SSQ Mutual Management Corporation Annual Meeting held in Quebec City, the following charitable organizations received the first series of donations:

Centre Jacques-Cartier  Quebec City                                    $75,000
Covenant House    Toronto  $50,000
Covenant House   Vancouver  $25,000
Leucan   Quebec City                                      $75,000

A subsequent $25,000 donation was made on May 9 to the Fondation des Auberges du cœur during the activities surrounding SSQ Insurance’s 75th anniversary in Longueuil.

Three final donations were made to local charities on May 30 in Quebec City. True to its origins and to the spirit of its founder, Dr. Tremblay, SSQ Insurance chose to support health-related initiatives in Quebec City’s Saint-Sauveur and lower-town neighbourhoods, donating to charities that work with and help those who are underprivileged or vulnerable. In all, Le Pignon Bleu, SPOT Clinique communautaire de santé et d’enseignement and Motivaction Jeunesse received $115,000.

A founding member of SOCODEVI (Société de coopération pour le développement international), SSQ Insurance has been helping developing nations give their people the means to succeed, specifically in terms of health care and wellness, through the mutualism and cooperation model. In acknowledgement of its long-standing partner’s efforts, SSQ Insurance donated $ 25,000 to SOCODEVI.

Finally, $126,500 was distributed to 19 other Canadian organizations:

ABC des Hauts Plateaux de Saint-Pamphile (Quebec)

Action Jeunesse St-Pie X de Longueuil – Maison Kekpart (Quebec)

Backpack Buddies Community First Foundation of Vancouver (British Colombia)

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Langley (British Colombia)

Boys and Girls Club of Saint John (New Brunswick)

Centre Solidarité Jeunesse de Québec (Quebec)

Fondation des petits déjeuners de la Péninsule acadienne de Tracadie-Sheila (New Brunswisck)

Fondation RBA de Wendake (Quebec)

Grands Frères et Grandes Sœurs de Domaine-du-Roy de Roberval (Quebec)

Le Piolet de Québec (Quebec)

Maison Jeunes-Est de Sherbrooke (Quebec)

La Maison Tangente de Montréal (Quebec)

Mission Old Brewery of Montreal (Quebec)

Patro Charlesbourg de Québec (QC)

PECH – Programme d’encadrement clinique et d’hébergement de Québec (Quebec)

REVDEC de Montréal (Quebec)

Les Scientifines de Montréal (Quebec)

Solidarité Familles de Québec (Quebec)

Maison des jeunes l’Antidote de Saint-Ambroise (Quebec)

“An exploratory committee formed by members of the Foundation’s Board had the daunting task of analyzing over 280 submissions and narrowing them down to 30 or so. Analyzing the submissions was a colossal, at times heart-wrenching task, but nonetheless inspiring. Finally, the exercise enabled us to learn about many organizations and projects that we sincerely hope will eventually see the light of day,” said Marie Lamontagne, Secretary and Treasurer of SSQ Foundation.

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