SSQ looks for sponsorships that promote SSQ Insurance's mission and values and accepts sponsorships that:

  • Promote SSQ Insurance's positioning or a key message in order to boost its brand awareness and enhance its reputation
  • Portray SSQ Insurance in a positive light by means of shared values and thus enhance its reputation

Corporate Sponsorship Policy

SSQ’s Corporate Sponsorship Policy outlines the criteria used to award and manage sponsorships.

With regard to corporate sponsorships, SSQ Insurance gives preference to applicants involved in the following spheres:

  • Health/Prevention/Education
  • Solidarity/Social Commitment

The following applications are not eligible for sponsorship:

  • Projects that do not involve the areas of interest mentioned above
  • Projects that involve a single person
  • Video, DVD or film productions
  • Trips and excursions
  • Activities held outside of Canada
  • Projects related to a political party or candidate belonging to a political party or lobby group

SSQ Insurance will not analyze requests that are not in keeping with its mission or those that may be in conflict with its integrity and ethical standards.

Applications for Corporate Sponsorship

Applications must include the sponsorship structure, visibility plan, overall value of the project and portion of that value going to SSQ Insurance.

In an effort to help preserve the environment by reducing paper use, SSQ Insurance and SSQ Foundation require applications to be made online. A confirmation email will be sent. Applications received by mail will not be accepted.

The period for submitting a sponsorship request is now over. Applications will be accepted as of January 16, 2023.